z-wave at Lowe's


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Not sure if this has been posted but I was in my local Lowe's home improvement store and noticed they had intermatics entire line of z-wave equipment. Of course the prices were higher than that of online stores (automated outlet, tech home) but if anyone is in need of switch, they are readily available. The intermatic starter kit was $99 (master controller, 2 lamp devices) and the switches were around $40 each.
$99 for that starter kit is awesome. Being able to buy home control hardware, at the local home hardware store, from a company that the consumer already knows and trusts . . . well, that's very significant :)

Dang! Where do you guys live? We have 3 Lowe's and 4 Home Depots and neither carry any of the home automation hardware.
I had planned a trip to Lowes this weekend, I will have to check too see if they have them.


What section were they in?


Agreed. What section did you find the stuff in. A new Lowes opened near me (okay sorta near me. It's 20 miles away instead of the 33 it used to be) last Thanksgiving, so hopefully it's got all the latest products Lowes carries. I haven't had a chance to go in and browse yet, so hopefully I'll find Z-wave when I finally get a chance.
I was by my local Lowes in WNY and they did not have them in stock. I talked to the Lighting Guy and he stated that they were to receive a shipment at the end of the month. I will have to check back then.