z-wave controller with sunrise/sunset timers?


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Looking at switching over to z-wave from insteon. One thing I really like about the INSTEON is the PLC (which is plugged into power) can have lots and lots of timers programmed. In addition you can do things like add a timer to turn any device or group of devices on or off at a fixed time before or after sunrise or sunset. I have it setup right now to turn my breezway lights on 1/2 hour after sunset and off 1/2 hour before sunrise.

Is there something like this is in the zwave world that is similar. I could us PC based timers, but on occasion, the power goes out longer than the UPS lasts for while I'm away.
Intermatic's HA07C has sundown/sunrise settings built into its timer function which I use for me front and back door lights.
Both the Wayne-Dalton Ethernet Gateway and the VIZIA RF Foyer support timers as well (including sunrise/sunset), although they aren't shipping quite yet.

I have been using two Intermatic HA07s for about eight months now. They can be programmed with 12 scenes and 28 timed events that can be associated with sunrise/sunset (but no offsets) or exact times.

The things I like most about them, is that they are truly wireless (use 4aa cell batteries) and are programmed without the need of a PC. So far they have been working flawlessly. <_<


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