I posted a question on CQC's forum and only received a partial answer, so I thought I would post the question here.

I just learned that CQC has limited functionality with z-wave devices. Due to this, I presume it does not handle "instant status" like HS does. Does this mean that CQC uses polling to receive a devices state? If so, how much time laspes in between polls? Also, are there any other limitations (ie. scene or macro capabilities)?
If you receive what you think is a partial answer, then feel free to say so and ask for more info... Anyway, the driver does poll, since most Z-Wave devices don't provide active status notifications at this time. Though someone may have found a hack to make such devices appear to send such notifications, that's not part of the formal spec and may cause problems, or be disallowed by Zen-Sys for that matter since it really is a hack. So we'd prefer not to depend on such things.

In a subsequent version of the driver we will add support for seeing notifications from those devices that do formally send such notifications, but those that don't will still require polling.

The driver polls pretty aggressively, keeping up to 3 polls outstanding at any one time. It enforces about a 2 second minimum time between polls of a given module, in order not to beat the network to death if you only have a small number of modules. It can usually actually complete about 2 per second more or less, according to how well the network is doing.

I have 6 modules in my system. The average time to see a change is usually a second. If you had say 12 to 15 it would probably take about 2 to 2.5 seconds on average (sometimes it's less, sometimes more based on where that module is in the round robin list at the time it changes.)

I'm not sure about the scene or macro question? You can control groups or individual modules as desired.
Excellent!! Thanks so mcuh for the informative response. 2 secs. is much less than what I was expecting.
Just to put things into perspective. I am running 26 devices and each of them are polled at 10 seconds or less.