Z-wave good and bad (availability)


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I just got off the phone with Intermatic about availability and they said that the Pro line will not be available until July. The good news is that I would not be purchasing any expensive pro line switches anyway. More good news is that they will be releasing more non-Pro devices (the reasonably priced ones.) I am waiting for a call back from Intermatic on when the standard models will be available (the tier 1 support kept placing me on hold to go and ask the tier 2 info - I told her to have them call me.)

Martin, have you heard any release dates on standard (particularly relay) Intermatic Z-wave switches?
Martin has the "Pro" line listed on his website for June availability. I guess that will change.
The tech from intermatic returned my call, it's all bad. He said they will not be producing affordable relay light switches and that the new product line will not be available until mid to late July.

Anyone know about a release date for the leviton or cooper wiring devices?
Leviton and Cooper should be out June/July. Leviton pricing will be at least as high as the Intermatic PRO stuff I believe but the Cooper should be a little less. They are coming in to meet with us shortly. I'll have more details then.
Intermatic has been showing off some new HomeSettings hardware at tradeshows, most notably the USB stick, the screw-in module, and the in-wall receptacle.

They've also showed off designs for other switches, but I haven't heard any official timelines on those...

OK, here's what I found out.

HA22C USB Stick - currently not available - END of July

Intermatic PRO line - delayed until end of August.

HA5C - Screw in module - End of August

HA01C - Wall Outlet - September

Martin has the "Pro" line listed on his website for June availability. I guess that will change.
Being changed right now.
Damn, I was waiting on the Intermatic CA5000. Now, I will have to wait until August, Hope I can save my BDay money for a until then :D
Can someone tell us more about the features/differences available on the new stuff from the pro line, like the CA5000 and NEMA 3R and the builder kits and.... :D Are the user manuals available from anywhere?

I haven't seen the user's manuals yet but from what I have seen, I think the two major differences are 1) better look and feel, 2) true 2-way status.