Z-wave just keeps getting better...

I've had nothing but trouble with that particular unit. They lock up frequently and do not play kindly with others (seem to delay the network).
ACT has already proven thier products have issues several times.

I have replaced most of my first generation ACT devices with Intermatic devices and have seen a significant improvement.

So I doubt I will be purchasing any ACT devices any time soon.


Odd. I have several of these and have never experienced a lockup or bad unit. What I have experienced is every Sylvania module I have ever owned has fried when the bulb blew.
I'm new to Z-Wave so I can only take a guess at this.

I ordered and received some ZDW100 switches from HS about two weeks ago (I like 'em). At the time of my order the ZDW120s were not listed. WHAG, they ran out of the ZDW100s and replaced them with the 120s?

I am still waiting on my ControlThink software and separate SDK, so I am unable to comment on the computer control part. I have four of the ZDW100s and four HA06s installed (along with some HAxx appliance and dimmer mpdules). I love these things! Wireless remote control, it can be simple, it can be reliable.

Thanks for that info.

That is sort of why I started the Insteon VS Z-Wave thing. I don't mind spending a few $ on this stuff in order to evaluate it. If I stumble and fall, I look on it as a learning experience.

I would like to think that others may benifit from some of my past and present blunders. 100 people should not have to make the same 100 mistakes, 100 times.

This seems to be a good forum for getting the important info out.

Again, Thanks,

The switches aren't new but the new options that the switches support are new in only the later versions of this switch. Status response has just recently been added if I understand correctly.
jls944 said:
Are these switches have 2-way capabilities?
Yes these switches are 2-Way when used in conjunction with a software package that incorporates the new Z-Wave messages. HomeSeer has added this functionality and knows instantly when the switch is turned on.
Will / Can the ELK M1G "see" these status changes too? I understand this was a limitation of Z-Wave when Elk printed its manuals.