Z-wave Local Control ?


First.. Heya all! :)

Next...perhaps I'm still in the X10 Mindset here, but... X10 modules have the ability to work with local control--the control switch being the on/off switch on the device plugged in to them, e.g. the lamp, etc. So if I happen to turn off a lamp using X10, I can use the lamp switch to turn it on again.

my Zwave (intermatic) modules apparently don't work that way, OR, the one particular application I'm using one for is flawed. I have an undercabinet lighting setup, 2 x 18" each with about 6 very mini incandescent bulbs. Those units are plugged into what amounts to be an extension cord, that is on/off controlled by a touch pad (discreetly mounted under the cabinets..touch the bottom of the cabinet and voila' instant light. ) to top it off, it's a 3 way switch--1 tap = dim, 2 = medium, 3 = full bright and one more turns everything off.

So I plugged the Lamp module in to the "extension cord" and got it working as I wanted via Zwave. Cool. Then, when the unit was off, I hit the touch pad to turn on the lights and nothing, nada, zip.

So, my questions would be: Do the Zwave modules support local on/off OTHER than the switch on the module itself? (very inconvenient, the module is mounted way up above the built in microwave, with the extension cord coming up through the top of the cabinet, then down via some pathways in between cabinet carcasses) If they do support it, could the touchpad be the issue? (time for more testing) or perhaps the current draw is too low?

Thanks in advance, and I'm looking forward to learning more and more about Z-wave and applying the technology to the house!

If I understand the question right the answer is that your intermatic modules do not offer that feature but the Monster/Leviton modules do.

I think what you are asking is if you turn the lamp off by using the z-wave module you want to be able to turn it back on by turning the lamp off using the manual switch which came with the lamp. Is this correct?

I do this using a Monster Dimmer module but I also have intermatic modules that do not do this.
Essentially, yes. When Zwave turns ON the lights, they come on as expected and the touch switch works as expected--cycles through the brightness levels and off and then back on and through the levels. When Zwave module turns off, apparently no current is passed and so there's no power to the touch switch and therefore no way to turn it on manually.

Hmm.. the Monster switches work as I wish though do they? I'll have to check one out and see! In the right spot, one or 2 of those could be quite useful!

Edit: Checked on some online sources for the Monster Lamp modules. Ouch. $100 a pop (only need 2-3, but man....). I'm better off putting a remote control in the kitchen and using that!
That's more like it--this Z-Wave stuff is still a bit of a sticker shock from my X10 stuff, but I like it when it works, and it surely does--no Dryer 110v-110v bridges to deal with, etc. Now with no need for the Christmas Tree lights, I have a "spare" lamp module. Hmm... what shall I use it for! :)