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LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 5, 2005--With the 2005 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as a backdrop, Broadband Energy Networks Inc. will announce tomorrow the official launch of its Z-Wave-enabled CONNECTOR C2k(tm) AUTOMATION COMPUTER.

The C2k(tm) AUTOMATION COMPUTER serves as the core of Broadband Energy's UNI-PLEX(tm) Universal Network Integration platform, the foundation for a new generation of building and home network integration and automation systems. The UNI-PLEX platform can link the millions of disparate electronic controls and systems used today to track and regulate delivery and consumption of building and home essential operating resources, such as electricity, water, natural gas, indoor air and secure access - delivering increased efficiency and saving to utilities and manufacturers, as well as to building and home owners. In operation, the C2k product will enable any product or system to become interoperable and to be remotely monitored, controlled and automated over the Internet.

Broadband Energy Networks, a member of Zensys Inc.'s Z-Wave Alliance, will announce the Z-wave enabled CONNECTOR C2K product from the Zensys booth (# 21702) at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Zensys is a leader in wireless mesh-radio technology for residential control and monitoring applications.

The breakthrough Z-wave-enabled C2k product is a core component in Broadband Energy Network's UNI-PLEX Automation Computing Platform - the complete solution for network integration and automation across incompatible systems and protocols.

"What more appropriate stage could we have selected to introduce the Z-wave-enabled CONNECTOR C2k automation computer than 'CES,' said Larry Silverman, president of Broadband Energy Networks. "Zensys' mesh radio technology is embedded in many market-leading new products from major manufacturers, including Leviton, Intermatic and others. The Z-wave-enabled C2k will permit these companies' products to be combined and automated in new ways, with minimal installation and set-up, providing many exciting services and benefits for businesses, buildings, and homes - exactly the markets in which show attendees are interested.

"The CONNECTOR C2k product will also connect wireless Z-wave products with other wired systems and existing networks in a facility to create an entire 'smart' building or home, and then link it to other smart devices over an intelligent electric grid. Beyond the obvious cost savings for end users from improved energy management," he continued, "our solutions will enable utilities to optimize their networks, balance customer demands with available supply, and avoid service outages."