Z-Wave/SUC question

Dean Roddey

Senior Member
I'm finally now able to start working on a Z-Wave driver for CQC, for the Home Pro USB controller. I've got the code done to get the controller into the network, and replicating the node info over from the primary. But as I understand it, it would be optimal if the USB controller could be configured as a SUC (static update controller), leaving the remote control as the primary controller.

I can enable the ability in the USB controller to accept SUC functionality, if/when the primary controller designed to assign it. But in order to make it actually happen, one has to invoke the assignment from the primary controller, which is the little remote control guy, the static controller cannot take this position in the network on it's own. I don't see anything in the various menus that would suggest that it would cause the assignment of a SUC to a static controller in the system.

So how do you invoke this operation via the remote control?
Dean--it takes special support in the handheld controller to assign your USB Z-Wave Static Controller as a SUC, and special support to pass it updates as well.

Unfortunately, at this time there are no North American Z-Wave handheld controllers on the market (or likely in development) that support this functionality.

Ok, thanks. I can live without it, I just wanted to make sure that I needed to live without it. I guess I'll just take the straightforward route of just requiring replication from the primary to populate my driver's list of groups and units. That's straightfoward enough, though less slick.