Z-Wave Takes On Home-Automation Market


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I found a link to this article today, and it has some interesting info on Z-Wave, so I figured I would post it, eventho it's a few weeks old.

BERKELEY, CALIF.— At least seven U.S. suppliers this year will deliver home automation products that incorporate Z-Wave wireless technology, which is designed for retrofit installations at mainstream prices.

Z-Wave developer Zensys expects to make further market-share inroads with the fourth-quarter volume production of a second-generation Z-Wave chip that will cut the cost of Z-Wave products in half, said Zensys marketing VP Mike Dodge.

Z-Wave is a low-power, 9.6kbps mesh-network protocol that, when combined with wireless technology, delivers two-way wireless-remote control over lighting, appliances, garage-door openers, thermostats and other home systems from handheld or tabletop remotes located anywhere in the house. The technology also makes it possible to integrate the control of Z-Wave home systems. Pressing a garage-door remote, for example, could also turn on select indoor and outdoor lights.


Keep in mind though, when they say cut the cost in half, I think they are just talking about the chip, not the devices.

I'll look forwar to seeing what finally comes out.
I posted links in the homeseer z-wave forum which is the actual ad the intermatic has on their website. The ad show all 8 devices said to come out this month. I think that has been pushed back til june now! but the ad still says april
I'm really looking forward to this Zwave stuff maturing, especially if that true 2-way patent issue they were talking about over in HS land can be worked out!
All I have right now is a Zwave USB controller, that I received as a gift, that's quite useless without any toys to control with it.