Z-Wave Thermostat


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Is anyone using a Z-Wave Thermostat ?

I was wondering on how well it worked and how it works with homeseer ?
How do you set temps and etc.

And will it work with Homeseer 1.7.44 ?

Since Homeseer is having a sale, it is tempting to order one. I just wanted to know if I could and how I would control it from Homeseer 1.7.44.

I'ld like to add my 1 and 1/2 cents worth to this.

What exactly does this thing do?

I am NOT completly happy with my ACT thermostat but it does work okay. If I were to do it again I would go with the RCS or wait for the Intermatic version to be available.
So no one seems incredibly happy with the homepro version.

And the RCS version is just way too much for a thermostat.

I had been considering wiring the system into my ocelot. I will have to think about that more..

Well it seems like a couple of users do not like it but gave no reasons why. I love mine. It works flawlessly and especially since they got the heat problem under control. It integrates with HomeSeer 2.1.x very well as well.
I don't like mine for two reasons. The first has already been stated and that is that the thermostat does not report its current "state". It does however report its current settings but for instance if I have the AC set to 70 and its 65 in the house then there is no way for the thermostat to tell you that its current temp is 65 nor can it tell you that the themostat is not actually on at the present time. However it can tell you that the current threshold is set at 70 and the AC is set to come on Automatically ect ect...

The main reason I do not like mine is because when i installed it the instructions were a pain in the but to follow for starters. Non of the wiring diagrams matched up and it was only by trial and error and lots of continuity checks that I was able to figure it out. But then once I did get it hooked up and started messing with the buttons and settings I noticed the "HEAT ISSUE". The heat issue is do to the fact that the termostat is being powered with 27V AC and the electronics on board only require 5V DC to operate. Most of these thermostats are powered via batteries. I am not sure what the RCS uses but I have not heard of this heat problem with the RCS. What is happening is that there is a voltage regulator in the thermostat that must convert the 27ac to 5dc and all that extra energy is dispated via heat from that 5v regulator chip. It seems to only cause an issue when you are playing with the settings on the thermostat. If you leave the thermostat alone then eventually the temperature settles out but the Temperature display is still lit and still draws a little power. This means that the thermostat stay warm constantly which effect the way it reads the rooms temp.

So in other words the circuity is very flawed and it does not do a good job at all with maintaining an accurate room temp. I know for a fact that I am not the only one having this issue. It seems to be happening with all of them.

Hope that helps answer some questions.
Those are some pretty heft drawbacks, not reporting the current status IMHO makes the unit no better than what I have on the wall now.

My HS and the Ocelot have been controlling my 3 zones of heat for years now with no problems. I guess it's to wire the A/C to the cat too..