z-wave usb adapter


Hi all ...

I've got a question about usb z-wave adapter.
I would like run mcontrol software on my pc and I'm planing to buy
vizia rf light control.
I wonder if it works together and most important - if z-wave adapter is
strong enough to communicate with my most remote vizia switch (second floor ~ 200ft)


sorry (still) for my bad English

p.s. 2

this same story with remote z-wave thermostat ....

Hi palmerozo,

As I understand it, the Intermatic HA22 USB stick should work great for you with mControl.

You will need to make sure that you have at least one of the Vizia RF modules within roughly 30 feet or so of your PC. Each device will automatically route messages through to the others--so as long as all of them are within 30 to 60 feet of each other (and don't have nasty walls in the middle, etc.) you should be good to go.

Same story goes for a Z-Wave thermostat such as the RCS TZ16--as far as the Z-Wave side of the equation goes.