Z-Wave Vizia RF 3+ Failure to Associate to RS232


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I have followed the instructions to a T to connect my Z-Wave locks to my HAI Omni Pro II. I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. I have even defaulted everything twice and started over.
I am using a brand new Vizia, latest "plus" model with current firmware. I have the Leviton USB Programming Stick. I have the latest version of the Vizia RF + Installer tool.
I have successfully configured my network and Included my locks and serial control module. I am able to lock and unlock doors from the Vizia Installer tool. However, when i try to setup RS232, by going to "Diagnostics, Setup RS232, and using the LevSerialInterfaceConfig tool, I select my RS232 Interface Module, and put check marks by my devices (I have also tried one at a time, with the same result) and I get an error that says "Failed setting the association on (name of whatever device I am trying), Device Location: "
What am I doing wrong?