Z-wave w/ x10 motion sensors?


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I want to get started with automation: I'm considering a few small ideas like turning lights off automatically, using lights for alarm clock, controlling lights (including dimming) with motion sensors, etc.
X10 probably wouldn't be reliable enough even if I did spend the time & money on tracking down noise, getting a coupler, etc. I was thinking UPB for awhile, but I think Zwave's half-priced dimmers sold me (on tight budget; I know they're only 300W). Don't want to wait for Insteon to come out and iron out its bugs and get support in software.

Now I have a few questions:
1. I'm really liking this wireless motion sensor but, as I've said, I don't want to X10-ready my house, and I see only X10 wireless receivers. Would it be best to:
Use it, hook it up right next to X10 PC bridge
Wait for Z-wave motion sensor (any idea when or how much?)

2. I have a security system with a few motion sensors; could I use those in addition to above? I read somewhere about using a window sensor but figured I'd ask.

3. Can all z-wave remotes dim lights?

4. Is the ZTW100 the only z-wave wall-mounted transmitter? I remember a UPB switch that you could put more rockers in, doubling it as transmitter.

5. Any other ideas/advice?

Thanks and hello!
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Eventho you are interested in Z-wave, you could still get a W800RF, which is supported by many home automation packages, and use that interface to take care of all X10-RF hardware (palmpads, DS10A's, motion sensors, etc.), you can't beat some of these motion & security sensor deals.

If you want to use your existing motion sensors (assuming they are wired), you are going to need to get a device which can interface a bunch of inputs to a PC, such as the Ocelot/SECU16 combo, Powerflash , Gameport etc. Keep in mind that if these motion sensors are still part of an active security systems, you probably can't hook up a second system to monitor those same sensors.

Not sure about 3 & 4, but hopefully someone with Z-wave experience can chime in here.

As for other ideas, I really like the way UPB is turning out, there seems to plenty of hardware available, the protocol/hardware seems to be very flexible, and once you have it up and running, it just works. Z-wave has had some issues, but I would hope they have been worked out by now.
From what I'm hearing Zwave motion sensors will be around $100.00.

I was going to do this but backed off and will install hardwire motion to the Elk M1 and then control Zwave modules with it. The rare case I need wireless I will go with Caddx

3. The HomePro remote can dim lights.

4. Yes

Anything else just ask I have Zwave everywhere.

And if you haven't bought can give you a deal on a package.
Yikes! That's a lot of money for that indoor motion sensor! I've seen versions for under $10. I'd shop around a bit; there's at least 3 (perhaps 4 if the one you link to truly has extended transmission range) that I know of that are made by X10: eagle eye, active eye, hawk eye and the one you referenced. They're all about the same size and for the life of me I can't determine the major differences except for color and price. The eagle eye and active eye sensors are black and weatherproof while your's and the hawkeye are white.

btw: if the one you've linked to really has 5 times the range then it may well be worth the price, however the W800RF32 that electron mentioned, when purchased in its external antenna/low loss coax version (about $75 retail IIRC or $20ish more than the internal antenna version) can easily pick up the lower power sensors throughout your house.

Maybe somebody here knows the more subtle differences between these wireless sensors; it seems to be a mystery to me...
kwilcox ,

You can't compare Zwave motion sensors to X10.
X10 sensors are very cheap quaility. I pulled them all out of my house and now sit collecting dust.. "CocoonTech Giveaway" ;)

Price is high but its a different ballgame. I prefer to pay more and tinker less. Others prefer to pay less and tinker more.
hmm.. I thought the link in natesneat2000's post was for (yet another) wireless X10 sensor from SmartHome though. I'm only trying to understand the differences (other than cosmetic and price) between the various versions of that device. Sorry if my post was confusing!

They are cheap, that's for sure, but I've had some working since 2001. The W800RF pretty much breathes new life into them.


I'd be happy to take yours off your hands btw. PM me if you're interested!


ahh, now I see the confusion! I was replying to natesneat2000 and your post got in in front of mine! Re-reading the thread, it looks as if I'm saying "yikes!" to the $100 sensors in your post instead of the $22 sensors in his!

Sorry about that. I don't have any experience with z-wave so I really don't know if the sensors you refer to are worth $100 or not. My biggest complaint with the hawkeyes/w800rf combination is that there can still be collisions. When two sensors trip simultaneously, only the first one gets recorded by the W800RF it seems.
Yes my mistake I thought you was refering to Zwave

X10 has sales where you can pick this up very cheap. Dealers price can't come close when they have these blowout sales.

You can usually pickup 3 to 4 of these for that price.

Wasn't reading close enough
I have 17 motion sensors in use and some of them are over 5 years old. I rarely have trouble out of mine but how reliable they are depends on how your using them.
anyone ever tried putting AAA lithium batteries in them? It seems like the alkalines last a year or so in heavy traffic areas. Tripling that would be damn near worth the extra cost.
the hawkeye in my car (77k miles in 3 years, so lot's of activity) is still going strong after 3 years this month.
Can't say that I've ever heard of one in a car before... ;) What's it used for? Security system perhaps?
Hey. that's a pretty slick idea! ;) Gotta hand you the "most unique hawkeye application I've seen" award for that one!

Three years too eh? My kitchen sensor only lasts a year. Of course, everybody's always in the kitchen....
The kitchen ones only lasted about 2 years, but I am switching to pressure sensures for that room anyways. As for the most unique hawkeye app, do a search for 'mousetrap' ;)

As for those Z-wave motion sensors, I would assume they are much higher quality, and have some sort of status reporting function, or I can't see how they would be worth the $100.