Z-wave woes


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I've been reading this forum a lot lately and have gained some valuable information. I was trying to decide which technology to go with (X10, Insteon, or Zwave). I had finally made up my mind to go with Zwave only to find that the wall switches only come in white or ivory. All the switches in my house are almond so now I'm a little frustrated.

Are almond colored z-wave switches available anywhere or do I need to go with Insteon as my second choice?

Do the VIZIA RF switches come in almond? We are getting the first ones in in a few weeks, and I know that they come with three color faceplates (white, ivory, and almond--or white, light ivory, and light almond--I don't remember).

Any idea on a price for these? Leviton switches are usually pricey. I thought paying $50+ for a HomePro switch was a lot so I don't know if the Vizia switches will be within my budget.