Zwave control from Elk M1

Hi All
I will finish all my wire pulls this weekend. I am now trying to make a choice for light switchs. I want the M1 to control them. Down the road I'll move to a touch panel control like CQC.

I have seen some post about the Elk zwave interface as being less than reliable. Can anyone shead some light on this?

Is there 2 way comm so if I manualy turn on a switch in a room the M1 won't overide my choice?

Is zwave the right solution? I don't want to get into a over the wire solution if I can avoid it.

Have I over looked another solution that the M1 can contrlo?

Thanks for the help guys !!!
I find that with my 25+ devices that the Elk z-wave controller is reliable when controlling only a few devices. When you want to turn all the lights off at the same time it can be a little slow to respond but it is normally reliable for me. The only thing I do not like is that the Elk does not provide status reporting of the devices. So there is no way to know if a light is on or not unless you use software like CQC.
The problem in turning on a large number of lights is if one light fails and the Zwave module has to resend the light command, another light command may be coming from the M1 and be lost.

There is a project to add buffering and return status for Zwave.