Zwave Controller issues??


I have a ZCU000 usb zwave controller that I am having issues with.

The details.

-I use HAL2000 (obviously i guess)
-When I reboot my computer my zwave devices will work perfectly anywhere from 2-10 hours and then they stop responding
-If I then reboot it, all starts working perfectly again
-after zwave failure HAL2000 continues to function and still controls x10 and upb devices perfectly
-It worked perfectly for months
-No changes other then I have steadily added more devices
-there are no visable errors in any event logs (Windows, and HAL2000)

So I think I have a dieing controller, has anyone ever seen or heard of this behavior with the ACT controllers?

Any help or input would be appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Shawn Walsh
My advice reset everything and start again..

The USB controller isn't the greatest currently.. The intermatic is going to be alot better.
My advice is get the ControlThink SDK or ask to be a part of ThinkEssentials beta so you can see what is really going on with your network and fix it without having to start from scratch.