zWave in-wall switch size


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Can 2 of the zWave in-wall switch/dimmers fit side-by-side in a double-gang box? Any heat/other issues with that?
I had to remove the tabs on my ACT switches to get two to fit into a box. But did not have to do that with the Intermatic switches.
To echo 68sting, the Intermatic HA06's are designed to work in a 2-gang box (i.e. side by side). I beleive that all the switches from other manufacturers should work great too...

Thanks Chris. Is that going to be true for the new Intermatic switches that I hear are coming out?

Also, is there a basic on/off relay switch (ie for fans) coming out soon (and hopefully, can that also fit in a double-gang)

I believe that the new HA switches (as well as the InTouch "Pro" line) should all work in multi-gang (at least 2-gang) installations.

To answer your second question, Intermatic has been showing off their new on/off switch; I'm hoping to see one in person sometime soon.

I have been looking for a switch for a fan. What i have discovered is that although everyone tells me something is comming "soon" I have tried the ACT 103 (i think). The first switch didn't work correctly as it was an older version of the model. I am having the switch replaced with a newer model that ACT says should work. Just my 2 cents