Zwave SDK?


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Does anyone know if Z-Wave has released their SDK?
Anyone have any idea what sort of languages are supported?

I am currently using Borland C++ Builder to develop Insteon control software and decided that it might be time to try out the 'other guy's' product.


Ken Miller
We're talking about two different kits.

The ControlThink SDK is the $50 one. It allows you to write .NET applications for/on your PC to control ZWave.

The ZenSys ZWave SDK is close to $10,000, after you get the necessary compliers and linkers. It allows you to design ZWave devices.

Take your pick . . .
The controlThink one also comes with a Thumb Stick USB controller. As already mentioned it is only good for .net at this time but there are discussions of porting it to Java and C++. But right now their main focus is only on the .net version.