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Handful of Questions After a 5-Year Hiatus

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Posted 02 August 2018 - 12:20 AM

Hello Cocooners, it's great to see this forum (and familiar users) still active after not logging in for five years! Once I got my M1G programmed with the stellar support herein, I kind of got back to life and neglected this wonderful commmunity - and the wealth of information - for way too long.

I've been lurking under the radar for several weeks, perusing topics and refreshing my memory as to how things are run around here.

One thing that prompted me to jump back in is the inheritance of an ancient Radionics system currently installed in a family rental property; the other reason is that I somewhat recently purchased a new laptop with Win10 but I've yet to download the latest RP software, and whatever version was current five years ago is what's still on my old laptop XP.

I hope this is the right place for these questions, so here they are:
1) Can I upload pics to CT, or must they be hosted by a third party?
2) Is there a list of acronyms/initialisms for the less-savvy so that I can better understand some of the discussions here?
3) Is it preferred to search for topics with the same question as my own, then resurrect the discussion? Or is it better to start a new topic? (I prefer the latter.)
4) Can I search WITHIN a topic? If so, I didn't figure out how (although prior to this post, I was not in Full Version mode, but mobile).
And, 5) What is the definition of Cocoon? As in, "do you cocoon," "my cocoon," etc. I.e., what is the origin of this site's name?


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Posted 26 August 2018 - 02:22 PM

hey - welcome back. not sure i can help with all of your questions, but here's a few answers:

1) not sure, just use Imgur, its easier. 

2) probably? But not sure where it find it. as you read more, you'll learn more. 

3) always search first. I usually use google by doing 'site:cocoontech.com search terms', if I cant find anything, then I just create a topic

4) yes, when youre in a topic, the default is to search that topic iirc. 

5) no clue, I guess I havent been around long enough? lol.

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