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Streaming TV experience Hulu-Youtube-DirecTV Now

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Posted 18 April 2019 - 01:20 PM

so back on May 4th, 2018, I posted this on another site..


so ive posted this in another thread a while ago... but I recently switched cell phones to AT&T Unlimited plan. just had a good promo and we did that. With that we get $15 off of DirectTV Now . This is NOT the dish tv service. this is like Hulu, Netflix, etc.. a streaming service. Their SMALLEST package is what we have and it has 99% of what we watch. So originally our cable bill was on a special promo for $169.99/m after fees, tax, etc. after this expires it was supposed to go up to $280-$325/m!!!!!!

so now that I ditched Comcast TV... they raise the alacart stuff like just internet... so my internet was $75/m but I got on a loyal customer promo for 1 year.. $15 off...


long story. short...

$59.95 internet + $20/m DirectTV Now = $80/m for tv and internet. also have a cheap $30 powered OTA antenna in the attic and it comes down into a tv booster. This booster runs to all of the tvs in the house and I could even cut the DirectTV Now but heck for $20/m or $240/y its worth it for me to have espn, fs1, wifes channels and few others...


best thing I have ever done. no more Comcast tv.. weve lived around how to do without it and while I just said DTV is $20/m - if I could get my family off the tv.. id cut that.. then we have OTA for news, etc... and I'm good with that... 



​*********************** update 4/18/2019


​Almost one year later, and DTV Now has been up to mischief.

​a. deleted every old package for new customers to be forced into less channels, more cost as new package names...

​b. renamed, cut channels, raised costs on them


​my "Live a Little" package was 65 channels and great. being on at&t unlimited cell got us $15/m credit so it started out at $30/m less $15 for $15/m plus tax. then they added DVR and raised it $5.. no biggie...


​now check this out. my current package, is still there, and I'm still in it as long as I do NOTHING to my account, but its going up $10/m. so I was at about $22/m with tax and now will be about $38/m with tax. 


​gets better... my 1y internet promo is up so I went from $60/m internet to $70/m internet...


math time (and I'm bad at it) 


​$70/m + $38/m = $108/m

​Comcast double play $59.99/m 


​maybe going back to Comcast. as much as I don't want too, may have too, for the cheaper price. 


​seem DTV Now is going to loose a lot of people, and I don't want to go as its still a nice price and with good channels for me. 


​my old package is now a $90/m deal !!!!! that plus internet... $160/m?!?!?!?!?! I dropped Comcast package that had everything for that a month.. so where is the savings? 


​frustration has set in.


​for me the issue with dropping it is that my wife requires "Hallmark" and if that was OTA, id be golden.


​also DTV Now, has released a beta program and I signed up for it... they give you a box, remote.. which is android based and then think about it. you maybe required to get these and not Roku or apple tv... thus they want to get into the HW business. This box will work for DirecTV and DirecTV Now so for them, that is great... 


​here Comcast/Xfinity is trying to get out of the HW business and AT&T is trying to get into it!!!!!

just got done with talking to xfinity person...
You can get 125+ channels and Sports package including CMT channels and same internet 250 MBPS in $89.94 + taxes. Your estimated recurring monthly bill will be $110.07 including taxes.
You get 1 HD cable box and you can stream all channels online as well.

I said I want the true full price and I'm told ESTIMATED!!!!

and get a load of this...
she said sports pack and CMT are together.. so if you drop the sports pack.. you loose CMT (wifes channel)... WTH!!!! what a scam. They know what they are doing. putting 2 channels.. 1 for guys and 1 for girls... (don't get offended as its just a statement.. I know guys like CMT TOO!!! LOL )

and then she says.. after I keep chatting...that I can drop $20/m as she gave me the price of an upgraded internet if I wanted it.. BUT SHE DIDNT ASK!! she just ADDED IT!!!!!

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Posted 18 April 2019 - 08:25 PM

Someone on another forum showed me this..
$16/M... amc.. both halmarks...3 streams and unlimited recordings. Gonna start trial and check it out...


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Posted 19 April 2019 - 07:10 AM

Two days ago returned one combo cable box to a local XFinity store. 


I have never been to an XFinity store.


I was met at the door by an XFinity greeter who told me I would be taken care of by the next XFinity sales associate.


I was in a rush hoping that I could just return the cable box and leave.


The XFinity sales representative sat next to me while I gazed at an oversized LCD TV showing XFinity adware in HD 4K mode.


He asked me why I was giving up on XFinity television and returning the box and not continuing with XFinity.


I told him I no longer wanted their cable TV box and how frustrated I was to wait for 15 minutes to hand in my box.


I finally returned the box, got a receipt and left. 


The next day I received 3 calls from XFinity asking me to come back to XFinity for a better deal. Hung up on the first call and blocked the number.

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