<p>My Background:</p>
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<p>I have more computer experience than most people my age. I started very young with DOS / IBM 8086/8088's and have been in technology since. My professional career spans 20+ years in positions running IT Departments for companies of all sizes in an executive capacity, while staying very hands-on. I do SQL, .Net, I've mastered every version of Windows released, run Exchange, etc. I also use Mac OSX and I tinker with Linux and little devices like Raspberry Pis.</p>
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<p>I know infrastructure cabling inside and out. I've worked with electronic circuitry since I was in grade-school. I've been around Home Automation since the X10 days in the 80's (ok X10 has been around since the 70's, but I'm not THAT old). </p>
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<p>I also do telephony - from the old days wiring homes/businesses, to modern day SIP-based PBX's, and everything in between.</p>
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<p>I've done some pretty fun things with WiFi - from licensed point-to-point gigabit links bringing internet to rural schools; a well known Aquarium has systems I engineered and installed to connect their administrative buildings; I covered a 2300 acre animal sanctuary with basically a mini-WISP - blanketing the property with wifi and connecting Cameras and SCADA devices; I've done entire apartment complexes; etc.</p>
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<p>I've been involved in the CocoonTech community since 2008 when I finally joined; I had read many articles prior to that, but 2008 is when I bought my first home and could really dive in. That's when I got into Elk and UPB. I've since moved on and now I'm embarking on RadioRA2, and still deciding on the rest - but now I'm basing most of my stuff on what works with HomeKit and Alexa.</p>
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<p>I have a large family with a lot of young kids so I don't have as much time or money as I'd like these days, but I'm hooked on modern automation and control... so I do what I can as I have a little free time.</p>

Home Automation, Networking, DIY Home repair, Automotive Electronics
  1. Elve
  1. Elk M1
  2. RUC-01
  1. X10-RF
  2. UPB
  3. RadioRA2
  1. 3CX
  2. Asterisk
  3. FreePBX
  4. Grandstream
  5. Ooma



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