1. electron

    Rooting the Amazon Echo Dot

    In this post, Daniel B shows how he obtained root access on the popular Amazon Echo Dot devices using a bootrom exploit, opening up potential integration with other home automation solutions (Home Assistant example given).
  2. electron

    Amazon addresses vulnerability in Ring app for Android

    Amazon has posted an update for its Ring for Android app due to a vulnerability discovered by the Checkmarx company, which specializes in application code scanning. The vulnerability was exploiting an exposed deeplink/intent within the Ring application, allowing a bad actor to access...
  3. pete_c

    Poltergeist with Alexa Show 8?

    I have an old Pioneer Elite VSX-44 connected to my Roku TV.  The Roku TV is not connected to the internet via Ethernet or Wireless.   Pioneer VSX-44 Manual   It is configured with 2 devices - Kodi (CEC) and a DTV NVR.  The Pioneer is plugged in to the house network.  I do not use the remote...