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  1. tmbrown97

    LED Light Strips

    Hi Guys, I'm working with a manufacturer in China directly to order some LED lights. These are flexible LED light strips that come on little rolls and have adhesive backs. They come in a lot of varieties (waterproof with various ratings, not waterproof); lots of colors, and bright white or warm...
  2. M

    [REQUEST] Insteon Group Buy

    SmartHome Pro is running an extra 10% off sale this week on all Insteon. Any dealers out there willing to do a group buy for us? I lost my SHP account when I wasn't able to make the minimum buy last year (slow year) and I do hate buying at full retail :) I have a job that requires about 50...
  3. P

    Group Buy - Proficient Audio Speakers

    CocoonTech Group Buy for Proficient Audio In-Ceiling and Outdoor Speakers from Santa Barbara Smarthomes The Group Buy last year turned out to be very popular and I’ve had a number of inquires from Cocooners asking when there would be another one. Here it is a year later, but some excellent...
  4. P

    Group Buy - Proficient Audio Speakers

    CocoonTech Group Buy for Proficient Audio's Kevlar In-Ceiling and In-Wall Speakers from Santa Barbara Smarthomes Proficient Audio provides occasional dealer incentives by drastically reducing the price on different models in their line-up. Proficient Audio is a daughter company of SpeakerCraft...
  5. C

    Mini PTZ cams - Small size big specs!!!

    Okay these are Korean OEM grab bag they will come in Ivory/Beige and are surface mount. These are ideal to install in the soffit on outer corner of home, IP66 so no troubles outdoors. Basically it has all the bells and whistles in a tiny 6" dome package for a couple hundred less the the...
  6. C

    IP PTZ cams.

    Grab bag of IP based PT(digital zoom) cameras. Heres the deal. Min units sold = 5 End Date = TBA, lets shoot for Nov 1, 2007 What do you get??? New in box Vivotek PT 3114 http://www.vivotek.com/products_pt3117.htm $200 + shipping Compare againts Provantage...
  7. C

    Installer tools - Wire pulling and fishing.

    Okay I figured some of you guys get hosed and sometime completely put off by hardwired solutions. Here is a bundle of tools that will allow basically anyone to install almost anything in most "installable" situations. Heres the deal. Min buyers = 5 End Date = TBA, lets shoot for Nov 1, 2007...
  8. D

    ipTouch by TouchTronix

    CocoonTech Group Buy for ipTouch by TouchTronix. Posted with permission by Electron. Details here: CocoonTech Group Buy