1. pete_c

    Securing the Smart Home Network: The Risks of the IoT

    Securing the Smart Home Network: The Risks of the IoT Zachary Comeau Cybersecurity professionals say the Internet of Things is more like the Internet of Threats. Here's why. The Internet of Things (IoT) has exploded in recent years as user demand for connectivity and remote management have...
  2. electron

    Reverse engineering the popular BM2 BLE car battery monitor

    Someone has taken the time to properly reverse engineer the apps used with these popular BM2 lead acid battery monitoring solutions. As suspected, it phones home and reports data back to Chinese infrastructure, generating major privacy concerns. A great 3-part article which is worth checking...
  3. pete_c

    Poltergeist with Alexa Show 8?

    I have an old Pioneer Elite VSX-44 connected to my Roku TV.  The Roku TV is not connected to the internet via Ethernet or Wireless.   Pioneer VSX-44 Manual   It is configured with 2 devices - Kodi (CEC) and a DTV NVR.  The Pioneer is plugged in to the house network.  I do not use the remote...