Smart Home Automation News
With all the announcements about Matter, I was pleasantly surprised learning the Z-Wave Alliance is doubling down on its efforts to stay competitive. The announcement discusses a serious effort about running the Z-Wave stack on 3rd party hardware, while still maintaining certification efforts to guarantee compatibility. Hat tip to @NormandyHA who first mentioned this announcement.
Lutron has announced a new dimmer switch with a more traditional look. It also announced a new smart switch, both part of the Caséta family. See the press release below for more info.
I know there has been some talk about UPB/HAI recently, so I thought I'd share this newsletter PCS just sent out.
According to the latest PCS newsletter, the company behind VoiceUPB Bridge is looking for beta testers for the latest version of their product. Happy to see development is still ongoing! is running their Labor Day sale. which is a great time to get your hands on some Z-Wave hardware at an affordable cost. Their customer service is top notch (reminding me of the Automated Outlet days). Note: the 700 series USB stick IS compatible with Home Assistant in case you're wondering. They're not sponsoring this post, I'm just a big fan. The same team is also responsible for the Zooz Z-Wave hardware lineup.