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    Replacement for RE104 driveway sensor?

    i am also using frigate. using the zone builder, i have split my driveway into 2 zones, driveway0 near the street and driveway1 closer to the house. using the mqtt messages frigate generates, i set up notifications for when a car or person is approaching (was in zone driveway0 and now in zones...
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    Apple buys, former provider of wyze cam people detection
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    Hubitat Black Friday Price

    thanks. just ordered 1 to play around with.
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    Recommended camera for monitoring new house build?

      got an email from wyze that says the people detection is going away, but they are working on their own implementation. details here
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    Recommended camera for monitoring new house build?

    the black ones will be back temporarily on   L I M I T E D  E D I T I O N Wyze Cam Black It's back. 12 AM EST (9 PM PST) November 29
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    What happened to UPB!?!?

      the hal branded ones managed to make it into fry's, but not for long ( ). i still have about 50 of those modules unopened...oops  :blush:
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    Considering a "Grade A" Refurb Laptop from Dell/Newegg

    10th gen i3 @ costco for only $279   there's also a dell at walmart for $249  ...
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    Struggling with controller choices

    @pete_c, i'm just referring to creating the virtual device, which you do via 
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    Struggling with controller choices

      you don't have to setup the virtual stuff on your tablet/phone, you can use the smartthings web site on your desktop
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    Struggling with controller choices

    i use mosquitto as the mqtt broker running on a pi. for example, you use homeseer and that's connected to a bunch of devices for you, like the stargate. say you want to monitor some stargate DIs - set up simulated contact sensors in smartthings for the DIs. then in homeseer, write some script...
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    Struggling with controller choices

      one way is you can set up simulated devices ( ), use the mqtt bridge and handle the control & status updates on your device or a pi, etc
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    Cameras and motion

    i have been playing around with automotive grade lidar sensors and object tracking/classification software for the past couple years. way too expensive but really neat.
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    Smartthings Questions

    there is a smartthings-mqtt bridge   i'm using it to bridge google assistant to smartthings to my homebrew software, which is the only thing controlling zwave. i expose certain zwave devices to smartthings by creating virtual switches in...
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    New Alexa "Announce" Feature

    not sure. i use google home instead of echo.
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    New Alexa "Announce" Feature

    the eufy (anker) version of the dot is $19.99 right now