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    New version of PremiseMetro available in the Windows Store

    Super awesome to see PremiseMetro in the Windows App Store.  Nice job guys!
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    jQuery Mobile MiniBrowser UI - Preview

    Chuck I still never got that email!  What's new?
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    jQuery Mobile MiniBrowser UI - Preview

    Mr. Stuntman I'm not sure I received that email.
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    jQuery Mobile MiniBrowser UI - Preview

      Geez I wish I had the time to keep up with you guys.  Glad to see Premise is still alive, at least for a few.  Did you guys see #6 of the CEPro article:   Reminiscing.   -Damon
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    Unable to start Damon Deen's DirecTV driver

    Oops. Looks like I built that binary (way back when) in debug mode. Sorry folks.
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    Control 4 like interface possible for Premise?

    We built a few Premise tv interfaces (or more specifically, interfaces controlled via a remote control - at the time we called them "10 foot UI's") at Motorola for internal demos and backroom CES type showings, but it was all very conceptual and prototype in nature. Nothing that could be given...
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    Modules Overwriting

    Names are not important in the SYS core. Only GUIDs. This problem probably occured when somebody took the iPhone module, modified it and saved it as the Picture Frame module. Or vice versa. They must have the same GUID (SYS property "ObjectID").
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    [download] DR CoffeeShop UI Pics

    Here's a pic of a 10" installed. It is the PPC-1080T, not available anymore but equivalent to the PPC-1082T. damon
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    AutoPowerUpMode and command delay

    Yes, generic serial drivers do not honor the Command Delay as we assumed you'd be handling special timing with code, just like you'd have to handle incoming commands from the device with code. Command Delay is only used in generic IR devices. Also, AutoPowerUpMode does not power down devices...
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    [download] DR CoffeeShop UI Pics

    I will post a video, and then source code. I think what will work best is uploading smaller bits and pieces at a time. It is componentized and there are many required backend modules that can be explained individually. Some of these may conflict with some of your own works, such as MediaZone...
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    Weeder Technologies Digital I/O Module

    Posted some pics in the dl section.
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    [download] DR CoffeeShop UI Pics

    File Name: DR CoffeeShop UI Pics File Submitter: integrate File Submitted: 21 Dec 2009 File Category: Premise Author: Damon Deen Contact: Cocoontech Version: ? As promised here are some pics of the CoffeeShop UI. This is currently running my house. Click here to download this file
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    Builder Error

    I'll look through the code tomorrow and see if I can find any errors that throw that verbage.
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    [download] Various Drivers

    The Marantz driver I posted supports multizone. Not sure about the keypad interface for the browser as we never use it.
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    [download] Various Drivers

    I do but that's currently Motorola property and can't be disclosed. All the drivers I posted were written post-Motorola. -Damon