1. CT Droid

    Verified HAI ZigBee Updater

    The HAI ZigBee Updater application is used to update the firmware in HAI ZigBee devices
  2. S

    5.7E won't boot up completely

    Hi everyone! I have a 5.7e touchscreen that stopped working and now won't complete a reboot. I tried updating the firmware with a usb but it doesn't work. Any advice on next steps or things to try? Thank you!
  3. electron

    Zooz makes firmware directly available to customers

    Zooz recently announced via twitter customers can now download firmware updates for the Zooz Z-Wave hardware. While this isn't a friction-less process (I'd love to see the registration requirement go away), it's a major step in the right direction. As of right now, the following devices can be...