1. G

    Elk M1 Contact ID reporting via fixed wireless terminal. Boldnet troubleshooting help

    Hello, I have an Elk M1 Gold and M1XEP. Internet is the main central station reporting method, and phone (Contact ID) via a fixed wireless terminal (WF720 in the attic) is the backup. Now Alarm Relay told me the backup reporting signals coming into central station are garbled. I am confused...
  2. snesgenesis


    Good afternoon, I’ve been having issues with my m1exp unit. I’ve owned the unit since 2011 and up until the last couple weeks the unit has been randomly disconnecting. I usually power cycle it and it comes back online, but as of late last night it is not ping able. I use my router to issue the...
  3. I

    M1XEP power consumptions

    The Elk current draw spreadsheet shows the M1XEP draws 330 mA, but it also has in the notes column "Power from P1216 Power Supply (included with M1XEP)". But when I put "1" in the quantity column, it adds 330 mA to the total. I always powered the M1XEP with the included wall wart, so I assumed...
  4. D

    Gmail not allowing emails to be sent via M1 XEP as of May 30 2022?

    Gmail no longer allowing less secure apps.    My M1 XEP stopped sending emails via my gmail account on June 6th. After troubleshooting I found this. Back up and running after switching to GMX.   Less secure apps & your Google Account To help keep your account secure, from May 30, 2022...
  5. H

    Central Monitoring

    Who is everyone using for centralized monitoring these days?  I would like to use the internet for notification since I don't have a POTS line but I think thats pretty standard.     I have a Elk M1 Gold.   Thanks!   Neil  
  6. R

    ELK M1XEP major troubles - no longer responding

    I am nearly two weeks into my migration from a Vista 20P panel to a new (to me) ELK M1 Gold system and I have hit a major block and could really use some help. I had no issues connecting up the M1XEP to the system and have been using it for nearly two weeks. I recently purchased the Ekeypad Pro...