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  1. J

    Can no longer connect or ping my OMNI Pro panel

    I'm using the snap link app and can no longer connect to my Omni Pro panel? About a year ago, I installed a new Router (Fritzbox) and changed my IP on the panel to to suit the range of the router. My Routers IP is Its worked finer for a year or so but suddenly....no...
  2. J

    Recommendations for fiber network connection between house and detached garage?

    Have about a 220' run between house and detached garage. Currently CAT6 with surge protectors on each end. Connection has been marginal and I think the problem is the surge protectors. Although they are rated for ethernet I think them combined with the length of the run is just a bit too much...
  3. B

    Replacement for Omni Pro II

    I am looking at possibly replacing my Omni Pro II system with a newer alarm system. I have had the system since 2005 with the entire house; doors, windows, motion sensors, and sirens, hard-wired into the control panel. I also had it set up to cover both my home and pole barn (each with their...