1. electron

    PCS, creators of UPB, considering offering HAI OmniPro repair service, input needed!

    So this little bombshell dropped in my mailbox today. I quickly checked with Marshall, @mlester on the forums, and he confirmed the email. I highly recommend you post in this thread if you have any investment in the HAI ecosystem, and/or have detailed knowledge about this hardware. I removed...
  2. B


      Issue Background: Stable HAI OP2 (4.0B) in place for 10+ years with no changes to hardware/software in 2 years.</li> While away on vacation I received Omni Notifier message Freeze Alarm &quot;FREEZE ALARM TRIPPED</li> 5 minutes later I received Omni Notifier message ALARM RESET</li> It's the...
  3. M

    OmniPro II - Sudden failure

    Hello all,   My OmniPro II all of a sudden failed at 2.30am this morning.  The control panels were beeping and showing "NO CONTROLLER DATA" and I lost access to the unit on the network.  Powered on/off (removed battery) but the status light appears not to light either.  I looked around and...