1. electron

    Zooz introduces ZAC38 800 Series Range Extender

    Zooz just announced a plug-in Z-Wave network extender, based on the new 800 series platform (an overview of Z-Wave Long Range). This battery-backed plug-in module is only an inch in diameter, and can also be used to monitored the status of your power source. Some technical articles can be...
  2. CT Droid

    Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus Scene Controller Switch ZEN32

    On/off Z-Wave and manual control from the main button: use with 120 V lights or fans under 3 A 4 smart buttons for remote control* NEW 700 chip: longer range + quick communication SmartStart inclusion and S2 security to keep your network protected Direct 3-Way Solution: no add-on switch needed...
  3. CT Droid

    Review Zooz Q Sensor ZSE11

    Quick and reliable motion alerts to Z-Wave hub Accurate temperature and humidity monitoring Lux sensor for smart light automations Battery or Micro USB power The latest S2 security and Z-Wave Plus chip Supports OTA firmware updates Built-in tamper switch for extra security
  4. electron

    Zooz makes firmware directly available to customers

    Zooz recently announced via twitter customers can now download firmware updates for the Zooz Z-Wave hardware. While this isn't a friction-less process (I'd love to see the registration requirement go away), it's a major step in the right direction. As of right now, the following devices can be...