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I've been looking over all of these 1-wire gadgets and they look interesting. I believe I understand the hardware. It is explained very well. However, the software has not. What software do I need to get a basic system started on Window XP? I'd like to be able to monitor, record and trend values, such as temperatures, etc. I have seen plenty of evidence in this forum it is do-able, but there is NOTHING that thoroughly explains a software setup.

I have seen references to HomeSeer, xAP, plug-ins, DLLs, Linux, DS18x, source code for C++. etc. Looks like a bunch a partial and patched solutions with no-one publishing a real stand-alone application.

Can anyone provide some insight to this?
The main software I know that is available for Windows is HomeSeer with various plug-ins (the MCS line of plug-ins offering the best support of our devices) and Weather Display

I know there is other software out there for Windows but I am not familar with it.

depending on how willing your are to be on the cutting edge owfs (owfs.sf.net) now will run under cygwin.
darryl said:
depending on how willing your are to be on the cutting edge owfs (owfs.sf.net) now will run under cygwin.
I'm not picking on you, Darryl, but this is an example of what I mean about being confused. What is owfs and cygwin?

Also, what is Device Manager?

I have actually heard of Girder, and Homeseer.

Well, if you haven't heard of cygwin then it's probably a little too raw for you anyways. I posted the link to owfs, which i believe stands for one wire file system.

misterhouse (http://misterhouse.sf.net) has some support for temperature but again not nearly as neat as a packaged windows program.
Hey there Sandpiper,

I think it largely depends on what you are wanting to do with your 1wire equipment. Me, I just monitor / record weather data. Just in case this is what you have in mind, I suggest either Wserver or Weather Display, both of which are available as shareware downloads so you can eval. before buying.

A Device Manager, is an interface in Girder that allows you to manage (allocate names and locations) all your sensors (Devices).

It makes the serial numbers used by the devices more "Human"!
Thanks for clearing that up, Dan! I plan on getting a few sensors myself soon, so I'll be able to mess around with them and get some first hand knowledge on the subject.