17" LCD Monitors for $199 after $60 MIR


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I didn't realize lcd's were getting this cheap! Microcenter (www.microcenter) has 3 models advertised at that price. Last month when I went in, they had ben-q, proview, and acer models. I dont know if any of them are really good or not, but I picked up an Acer AL1702-bm

Here are the specs: http://global.acer.com/products/monitor/1_series.htm
17", 450 Contrast ratio, 16 ms response, 300 brightness, built in speakers with osd volume control

Here's the ad: http://www.microcenter.com/images/specials..._page01_760.gif
I couldn't find any of the sku's online, nor could I find the sku of the unit I bought. You will probably have to go in the store.

In the store they told me it had a 1 year warranty and 25 ms response time. However, when I opened the box there was a specification update that this monitor was 16ms and the warranty literature said 3 years ;) It was such a good deal, so I bought another. Haven't opened the second one yet because I can't decide if I need a dual setup or not.