320 Gig Western Dig Hard Drive for $99 NO REBATES!


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Office Max has a 320 Gig Western Digital Hard Drive on sale for $99 with no rebates required. It is originally $199 but has an instant $100 savings.

I am not sure when the sale ends......


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# Rotational Speed of 7200 RPM
# 8 MB Buffer
# 1 Year Warranty

They also have a 160 gig for $60 after $60 instant rebate.


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AccessX10 said:
Best Buy has this deal as well.
Actually, I don't think that they do. :) They have what many would consider to be better.

Western Digital Caviar SE 320GB Internal Serial ATA Hard Drive
Model: WD3200JDRTL for $99
SATA and with a 3 year warranty for the same price, no rebates


Seagate also has a five year warranty! :)

OT, but did you check out this comment about the Seagate drive though on that link above:

Cons: Not Seagates fault, but nForce3 (and 4 I've heard) won't recognize it. Maybe with a newer driver it could work.

Now that's interesting. I was thinking about getting an nForce3 mobo and I already have a Seagate drive that I want to use with it. Hmmm....


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I'd have to guess that it is the 3gb/s additions that must be messing things up (guessing). I have to assume it is not a general issue with seagate drives (and I would bet comments for the other/older equipment would bear that out).