6-channel hub vs. master hub?


Hello Eric

When I connect the DS9490R USB, I can manage my 1-wire network on my synology DS211. I found owfs compiled for it.

I have a 6 ports master hub with serial link. I would like to connect it via RS232-USB adapter to my synology to extend to more networks (star)

But I don't know which command to launch for owfs:

lsusb results:

Bus 001 Device 005: ID 067b:2303 Prolific Technology, Inc. PL2303 Serial Port

Thank you

Hello again

I move forward. I tried to install owfs on a sheevaplug computer with Debian Squeeze. Seems to work with my DS9097U and Serial-to-usb adapter. I can read 1wire lan value

But when I replace the DS9097U serial interface with the masterhub serial interface, owfs does not work anymore. owserver can't get connected to the hub.

Eric, are the serial interface of the master hub 6 channels similar to simple Serial 1-wire adapter DS9097 U ?

Thank you


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Yes, the Master Hub uses the DS2480B 1-Wire to serial chip just like the DS9097U does so it should look just like the DS9097U to the computer. Make sure you are supplying external power to the Master Hub.



Yes i do connect ps

Tonight I will start to re install full new Debian wheezy with last drivers on my sheeva

Maybe problem with pl2303 driver (unstable)

Also stability issue with digitemp :-(



I was wondering if this 6 channels hub has ESD protection ? Or should I interconnect between the hub and each sensors leg some ESD protection ?
Can you recommend some schematics, compatible with your RJ45 wiring ? (Data, +5V, GND, +15V power)

Thank you