Another Reason to Consider Slim Devices Squeezebox


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I just found another good reason for using the Slim Devices Squeezebox music player for a whole-house music system. Besides the fact that it can integrate with Homeseer (via the xAP plugin) it also has a built in screensaver that scrolls RSS feeds across the display when the player is in standby mode. I just added the CocoonTech feed to the list and now I just glance up at the display for an update on any new HA announcements.

The Slim Devices Homepage is Here
upstatemike, One of Cinemar's users found this neat solution that allows a Squeezebox to appear as a J. River MediaCenter Zone. Then, you should be able to control it via Cinemar's MusicLobby 3. We haven't tested this, but I remembered that support of the Squeezebox was a high priority item for you, so thought you would be interested. If you want to give it a shot, there is a 30 day trial for J.River and for MainLobby 3 and we can provide you with a 30 day trial of MusicLobby 3 as well. PM me if you are interested and we will set you up.
Suddenly I have too many options! I will test these out eventually but I never resolved my touch screen situation so I guess I have to do that first.
i've been using the rss screensaver w/ our own internal rss feed. i wrote a script to periodically re-build our feed. it scrolls the time, house temps, weather, stock index futures when the market's closed and index prices when it's open. and every once in a while it'll flash caller id when a call comes in or the subject & sender when we get new email...
Logitech buys Slim Devices!

Read the engadget blurb

So there's yet another reason.

Let me add a few more to the list:

- Audiophile-quality DACs
- Pandora integration (if you haven't tried Pandora, you should! It's great!)
- Open source server written in Perl that can integrate with HA
- Operate in pull ('tune' from the device) or push (send streams from the server) modes
- Control multiple Squeezeboxes and even synchronize all of them.
Yikes! Are you sure this is a good thing? The transporter is is several magnitudes greater in quality than the best product Logitech ever produced... Will they really be allowed to maintain that? And what about the free software and free hardware emulator that lets's you use Slim Devices products without actually buying anything?
I wouldn't be too concerned if Logitech's history of acquisitions is any indicator.

I had the same concerns when Logitech purchased Harmony Remotes, but I haven't heard anyone being any less happy with their remotes after the two companies combined.

As long as Logitech doesn't butcher SlimDevices' products and uses them as a stepping off point, this could turn out to be a very good thing. Logitech could do nothing with the products or business and still make a killing on them simply because SD created such a great base to start from.
I wonder what that will do to the Slim / Infrant relationship? Prolly nothing really there to begin with... might be good for Infrant.