Another (simple) wiring question


That is correct, but you can use any of the grounds, except white/blue. In most of our devices all the grounds are tied together because the 1-Wire chips don't have a separate data ground and power ground. But any of our devices supplying the power, like the Power Injector, or Hub, the 1-Wire ground (white/blue) is not tied to the other grounds since the 1-Wire network doesn't like power ground flowing through the same wire as the data ground.

Hope that makes sense.

Just curious, ericvic - why did you guys choose T568A? Most wiring installers using Cat5e use T568B, as do network patch cables.
If you have T568B patch cables, use them. My house is wired based on T568B standard so I'm using that standard for my 1-wire devices too, just to keep it simple :D

Unfortunately that means I don't have a 1WRJ45 house ;(