Anyone have experience with the ZTT000 Thermostat?


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I am looking to buy an inexpensive thermostat that I can control from my Elk M1G panel (through a Z-Wave interface) and am curious if anyone has any experience with this unit.

Primarily I am looking for something that can control an Electric heater/AC unit (run by a programmable thermostat right now).

Primarily I am interested in:

1) Polling; can the Elk read/set the current temperature from this thermostat?

2) Two-speed heating & cooling. My A/C blower supports two-speed fan operation and would like to be able to set the speed as necessary to keep the noise factor down.

Any opinions/reviews would be appreciated.

The M1XZM Zwave secondary controller can control and receive status/temperature information from the Zwave Thermostat. It has fan on/off but I am not sure about two speed control. I was thinking the speed was handled from the HVAC controller.