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Anyone use Visible internet/cell plan?


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Visible has a $40 cell plan with unlimited hot spot data with no throttling (at least as far as I can find).  Anyone have experience with them?  Thinking about trying them for home internet although I am not sure how good of signal they have at my house.  Supposed to be 4G. 


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yup! been using them for a couple years now. aside from the occasional service interruption that requires me to reboot my phone ~1-2 times/year, its flawless. 


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So there are a few differences between a company like Verizon and a Network Virtual Mobile Operator (NVMO) like Visible.  So the network is the same, but sometimes international roaming can be different. Usually with the NVMO you don't get the perks, like with Verizon I get Hulu, Disney+, and Discovery+ included. Maybe you don't care about that.  AND one more biggee.  When the network is congested. the NVMO will ALWAYS get a lower priority.  Go to a big trade show and Verizon phones may work, where NVMO phones, not so much.  Still, a lower price might be worth it if you can live with these things. If you live in an uncrowded area, you may not come across these problems anyway. 

I should clarify, Visible is actually owned by Verizon, not a NVMO, but it acts like one.