AOL trial offer: $100 GC


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I am not sure how long that link is going to be good, but I just signed up, the site looks legit, couldn't find anything wrong. When you sign up for the free trial period, they will send you a $100 GC in 24 hours! Hopefully this is the real deal.
Well, I took a chance. You do need to give a credit card (or other info) to join. Now I have to install AOL so I can get my gift certificate & quit, then uninstall AOL. Oh, the things that I will do for $100. :(

E, funny to hear an offer like this from you, the one who hates rebates!

Thanks, hope it gets here before my Dell USB drive :)
well there are no rebates involved here :( I didn't even install the AOL software, I just check the AOL address through their webbased interface.
Several people who signed up last night, got their GC this morning and used them without any problems, this is the real deal!
It must have JUST been removed as my boss was signing up 10 minutes ago lol. Sorry about that, hopefully it will be back.
well I received my $100GC today, combined with free shipping (worth $22) on the product I ordered, the friday sale, and another $25 coupon, I got one hell of a deal. Did anyone else get theirs yet?
I just checked my AOL mail and I received my gift certificate email yesterday. My email didn't say anything about free shipping, so I assume you are just talking about regular amazon free shipping on most items over $25?

And I have two years to spend it.... maybe I should buy a Dell USB drive? Unless that free one will get here before Christmas.... :)
You are right about the shipping, but considering the item I ordered usually isn't covered by this, I am pretty happy. Some people signed up for more than 1 account, and actually got all those GC's!! Does your GC code start with TY by any chance? Looks like those don't work for some reason, many people are pretty upset about this.
Nope, mine starts with SE... Where are people talking about these GCs? On a board someplace?
WayneW, check out and, some of the best deal sites out there.

I am not cancelling my AOL account until I have the goods in my hands :) but you can either call them, fax them or mail them.
Maybe we should pool our GCs and buy HST a forum server or a better host/ISP? The HS board has been down for a couple hours now.
They are having problems already? 1 person on slickdeals received 4 $100 GC's and 4 $50 GC's, that's $600, many others signed up for multiple $100 GC's! I don't think AOL was trying to be this generous, but I am glad I got in!