Arduino and Omni PRO II via serial - first working code.

tigers said:
It's much harder since wi fi protocol in encypted, and Arduino don't have enough power to do the encrypt/decrypt process.
Hello... is this confirmed that Arduino CANNOT implement the OMNILINK2 protocol to successfully communicate over Ethernet to the OmniPro2 controller???   I am going down this path since I dont want to use all my MESSAGES in OP2 and be forced to send over serial port.  
Please let us know if anyone has successfully used Arduino (or Raspberry Pi ?) to implement this.   
What I want is to have Arduino listen to OP2 and send status changes and state information to my web-hosted SQL DB via web and running server-side PHP scripts to write into the database.  Then simply use web browser to run server-side PHP to beautifully display the status on any PC anywhere.