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[Article] Charmed Quark Systems announces CQC 3.0


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/archive/j/news/2009/6/cqclogo.pngCharmed Quark Systems, Ltd is proud to announce the release of Version 3.0 of their CQC product (the Charmed Quark Controller.) CQC is a comprehensive software based automation and media management product targeting the custom installation market. Being software based, CQC allows the installer to select from an enormous range of off the shelf hardware products to suit the type of installation, and it integrates seamlessly into, and fully exploits, the home network infrastructure. CQC allows the installer to create very powerful and interactive automation solutions in a purely point and click environment, no coding necessary.

Numerous improvements in the interface design system for version 3.0 allow the integrator to create far more interactive and intelligent graphical touch screen interfaces with far less effort than before. It also includes our new RIVA (Remote Interface Viewer Architecture) system, which allows third parties to implement extremely thin client software applications which can host our graphical touch screen interfaces, not limited to Windows based platforms.
For more information, visit our www.charmedquark.com, or our forum at http://www.charmedquark.com/vb_forum.  A brief description of some of the new features:

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