[Article] HAI announces VoIP intercom


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/archive/j/news/2010/9/57eIntercom.jpg/archive/j/site/logos/hai.jpgHAI just announced a VoIP based intercom solution, which allows you to interface other OmniTouch 5.7e screens in your house.  The update is free, and new units will ship with the software installed.  The update will be available in October.  More details coming soon. Keep on reading for the full press release.
Home Automation, Inc. (HAI), leading manufacturer of integrated security and home automation products since 1985, announced that VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) intercom is being added to the OmniTouch 5.7e Touchscreens and is expected to be available in October. Intercom functionality for OmniTouch 10pe Portable Touchscreens and OmniTouchPro interface software for third-party Windows Touchscreens is expected to be available in Q4 2010.
The VoIP Intercom is point-to-point from one OmniTouch 5.7e Touchscreen to another. Existing homeowners with OmniTouch 5.7e Touchscreens can add Touchscreen-to-Touchscreen intercom functionality with a free firmware update. New OmniTouch 5.7e Touchscreens will ship with this attribute.

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