[Article] Ube Reports Progress, Rebranding to 'Plum'.


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It looks like Ube is making great progress, and is still right on track (and ahead in some cases) with their light switch.  Current Schedule:
  • Tooling Kickoff - January - *Pushed to February
  • First PCB in lab: March - Slightly Ahead of schedule
  • First mechanical articles: May - On schedule
  • Regulatory start: May - On schedule
  • External beta testing begins: June - On schedule
  • First Production shipments: September - On schedule
However, one 'bombshell' they just dropped is that they are rebranding Ube to 'Plum', based on advice of investors and difficulty finding a good domain representing the Ube brand.
The new website will go live by this weekend, and can be found at www.plumlife.com
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My new get rich quick plan...

1. Search KS for potentially successful projects
2. Squat on domain names and variations
3. Sell the domain names to the KS project or to the highest bidder.
4. Rinse and repeat.


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Well ubehome.com is still available and they already own ubedimmer.com so I guess the only sure thing is they like purple edibles. BTW purpleedibles.com is also available.


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"Ahead of schedule" IN WHAT WORLD? They are so far behind schedule, I'm afraid I'll die before I ever receive these switches.
Try not to embarrass yourself by writing such nonsense.
They are the one, and only, crowdfunding campaign I have ever contributed to...and because of the experience, it may be the last. I'm beginning to think it's just a money-making scam.