Aux input using a 18/2 unshielded wire is staticky, any solutions? Cant rewire.


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I have a house that I am trying to use a aux input into an amp using a wire that was ran in the wall. The probably is the wire is 18/2 not shielded. So I am getting a lot of static on the line. Re-running it is not an option. Is there any digital convertor or something like that that would let me use my two conductor cable so that I wont have this static? Maybe use the cable to power a wireless adapter? The amp is one 30ft and one floor away.
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The only solution I can think of is the amplify the signals before you transmit them


amplify the signals first and terminate the amp input with an 8 ohm (dummy speaker load) resistor.

Either way you would be lowering the impedance of the cable circuit making it more resistant to noise pickup.

Make sure your signal lines are only connected to ground at one end (prefer amp input end) or no ends. Watch out for grounded amps and other equipment.

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It might help to describe more about the scenario involved.  Could be other ways to 'skin the cat' for this.

What's powering the source that has the audio you want to send?

If it's 18/2 and you're thinking about powering it remotely then be sure to factor voltage drop over distance.  Put DC on it now and measure it at the other end.  The amount of drop would let you calculate the length of the run, or more importantly, let you know how much you'll have to upsize the voltage on the sending end to power your target device on the other end.  Or make use of a DC-DC voltage regulator that'd handle bumping it up on the receiving end before powering the device.  Do not assume DC voltage in will be enough to power the device at the other end.