Belated Christmas gift for JDS users


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about a week ago i started writing a jds driver for CQC thinking it would be a nice way to get a cool front end to my HA system. after a few days of trying to figure out the CQC driver stuff and writing the jds driver, i gave up. i've decided it'd be easier to build my own gui on top of the starCOM software that i use already rather than add an extra layer with CQC. and with all the projects i have going on, i really can't see myself supporting this driver forever. also, as noted by people who have developed s/w to interface to jds devices, the protocol is incompletely and innaccurately described in places in the spec.

so here is my half-baked Christmas present to all you JDS users - a partial CQC jds driver.

what it does so far:
- sets up communication with my timecommander+ (should work with stargate too)
- issues a bunch of commands to download the status of the IO (DIs, raw AI values, and relays - but getting relay status doesn't seem to work)
- decodes echoed status messages via the tc+ serial port - all x10, timer, relay, flag, variable, ir, ai, di & ascii commands that the device issues are decoded and stored into fields that can be accessible by CQC

that's about it. i'm sure the structure of the driver sucks since i'm chip designer not a driver dude, but i've tested all the above and everything seems to be working fine.

what it doesn't do:
- anything stargate specific - voice, telephony, etc as i don't have an SG
- doesn't download the rest of the state of the device on startup - it really should dl the variables, flags, etc so CQC knows the complete state of the device
- doesn't have the code to issue commands to the device (ie set flag xyz, decrement variable abc, close relay 8)
- map the winevm names for flags, variables, x10, etc so that they are the same in CQC - i don't know how this can be done. in other words, your first flag defined in winevm is called "home", but to CQC it's known as flag 0. the names are stored in .dbf files in the winevm directory i think and would have to be imported somehow.

anyway, hopefully someone with more time and incentive can finish up what i started...
If anyone is interested in taking this up, I'll be glad to help you as much as I can. I don't have one, so I can't really do much directly, but I'll be happy to help you along with answers to any questions you have and suggestions and feedback on the driver.