Buffalo WHR-G125 wireless router $24.99 after rebate w/ Free shipping - Expires 9/8/07


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This link will give you the information on purchasing the router from Circuit City.

Some of the most popular routers on the market have their operating system (OS) loaded in NV-RAM. The native OS can be replaced with a different OS like dd-wrt. dd-wrt is a Linux operating system optimized for routing that gives many more features than your typical $25 router.

This article started me on the path to use dd-wrt:

This link is a good starting place for dd-wrt.

I use my dd-wrt router for wireless ethernet, DHCP, Internet, QOS (allows me to give VOIP highest priority so my son's gaming doesn't interfere with voice calls), and blocking access to specific websites as well as blocking access to the internet between bed time and wake up time. I am purchasing a second router to use as a wireless access point in my garage for a new project. I hope to use the WHR-G125 with an ethernet to serial adapter and a RAIN8NET to control my irrigation. I'm still working on gathering all of the parts and will post a separate article once I get it going.

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