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Been lurking here from the beginning. I am ready to purchase some security cameras. I thought I would ask some of the pros for advice and suggestions. Want to have two outdoors and two indoors. I am using Homeseer, MainLobby suite, Linksys Router WAN/LAN. Have plenty of PC power available (if that's ever true). I do not have a video capture card - other than MyHD - so suggestions for those. Ideally I would like to run CAT5 to the cameras and be able to view all 4 cameras simultaneously or individually on a dedicated TV as well as various PC monitors throughout the house and from a remote PC when we're away. I will welcome any advice. I'm not good at programming, scripting or even thinking sometimes but I have been able to automate qutite a bit of our home thanks to reading forums like this.
Thank you for your anticipated help.

I personally would definitely look out for camera's with a low LUX rating, and preferably a CCD sensor, not CMOS. How much are you willing to spend per camera? Axis sells some really nice network cams, Martin (Automated Outlet) might be able to help you out here too, he sells VisionTech camera's (many many kinds), but everything has a price. Let us know what kind of price range you are looking for, and maybe we can find a good match (there are some other users here who really know their stuff when it comes to camera's).
For outdoor cams I have fallen in love with the Sony color CCD Camera. Specs avail upon request. I believe we paid 170.00 for them. Quality is excellant. Be careful when stating that you should stay away from low lux cams; the lower the number is the better(for low light pickup). This particular cam is .5 lux and 480 lines resolution.

I use (here I go again) Windows media encoder to stream the video to local and net pc's. I additionally will be splitting the video feed(before the stream) to multiple TV's in the house. But need to pick up an amp this week as the quality is degraded without. I have a hodge-podge of interior cams ranging from old VHS camcorders to digital cams to pin-holes. I'll have to look up the info on the interior cams I WANT to acquire.

There is a script out there by SkiBum that I use for switching the cams.

Any help I can give you would be no problem!!

\Just let us know
Most of the Visiontech cameras also use the Sony lenses. A lot of them without IR even go to .1 LUX.

Dan's right, it's really a matter of what budget you want to work with.

Welcome to the board. I went to college in MA.
I went to check out the Visiontech cameras on your site but was unable to view anything from that vendor. I'll check out the Visiontech site later and get together a wish list. I did find the Grandtec capture card that looks pretty good. Thanks for the replies.

Sorry about that. The Visiontech cameras will be on the new site that is getting launched very soon.

In the meanwhile, you can go to to see what they offer and read the descriptions. If you see something interesting, please let me know and I'll quote you the price on it. They are very nice professional grade cameras with the good Sony lenses.

We'll get them on the website as soon as possible.


Sorry about that. The Visiontech cameras will be on the new site that is getting launched very soon.
No need to be sorry!! I figured you were just getting the site near completion. I did visit the camera site and downloaded the catalog. I'll be getting back to you. Thanks Martin.