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Cameras and motion


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hey pete_c what is the optex model number you're referring to.
( I also checked your previous blog post mentioning 'optex combos' but didn't find product detail there.
I have a handful of Optex products here and really like them. Thinking about some more BX-80s.


These were sold mostly in the EU and known as Wondertrack and not too much over here cuz they are too PIR looking for outdoors maybe?
Purchased a few of these from a CCTV company here in the US.  New old stock many years ago.
Over the years updated the analog board on these.  I wanted to take them to IP a while ago but the IP HD original camera boards were 2-3 stack boards.
Now they are apart and going to update the camera board to HDIP.  Very much a modified endeavor. 
You can now purchase a nice HD IP 38mm camera board reasonably.  Gonna do POE power to the device for the camera board and PIR functions.
Very easy to work on this device.
I had them out doors for 10 years and the plastic shows no weathering effects at all.